Notable NPCs by region in which the Knot has encountered them in, unless this is unknown, in which case they are sorted by organization.

Minions are listed both here and in their own page


Asmodeus – The patron saint of the Knot, the High Lord of the Nine Hells, and the ultimate enemy of Mitra, the god of Talingarde.
Mitra – The one and only recognized god of Talingarde, enforced quickly, brutally and without shame.
The Endless Winter – A deity unlike any you have heard of, the worshippers of the Winter are few and far between.

The Cult of Asmodeus

Cardinal Adrastus Thorn – The High Priest of Asmodeus on Talingarde, the Cardinal is the Master of the Nine Knots, and the man who recruited the Nessian Knot out of Branderscar.
Tiadora – Thorn’s closest assistant, Tiadora is a woman of many talents.
Elise Zadaria – The leader of the White Ravens, Elise worships a mysterious entity named the Endless Winter (above).
Dostan Alfson – This large half-elf barbarian is nearly as talkative as the greatsword that rarely leaves his side.
Tallus “Trak” Rackburn – The older (by a minute) of the twins, this ranger specializes in the hunting of men…. and women. He’s not sexist.
Titus “Trik” Rackburn – A cleric of Asmodeus, Trik is by far the most approachable and charming of the White Ravens.
Sakkarot Fire-Axe – This specimen of a bugbear is the leader of the bugbear horde assembled to ravage the northern reaches of Talingarde.

Horn of Abbadon and Farholde

Baron Vandermir – A very old half-elf, the Baron used to be a part of the Asmodean cult before the Victor made that….unpleasant.
Jurak the Eldest – The friendly (for now) treant that has taken up guard outside the Horn to prevent evil from again taking up residence. Since Chopped.
Sons of the Pale Horseman – The death cult of plague that formerly inhabitted the Horn and revered Ventra Kali as their prince.
Ezra Thrice-Damned – The former high priest of the Sons of the Pale Horseman, Ezra has now coalesced into a wraith.
Hexor and Vexor – Two Ceustodaemons, summoned and bound to the Horn.
[[Rubal Thraam – Formerly the head of the Drownington mob, Rubal has since been persuaded to join the Black Dawn as a Captain.
Sir Valin Darian – The captain of the guard at the local garrison (almost identical to Balentyne), Sir Valin is one of the foremost influences in Farholde.
Ventra Kali – The creator of the Tears of Achlys, and the entire reason for the Knot coming to the Horn in the first place.

Balentyne and Aldencross

Thomas Havelyn – The paladin at the very head of the force manning the Tower Balentyne
Franz Mott – The halberd captain of Balentyne, Mott is all business and no play. Since deceased.
Zack Eddarly – The handsome captain of the longsword, Eddarly is the friendliest of the captains.
Ryan Varning – Captain Varning is the youngest of the three captains, and as such, is relegated to leading the patrols out in the wilderness .
Barnabus Eisenbauch – The leader of the dwarven contingent at Balentyne
Sam Barhold – The oldest and longest-tenured of the captains, “Iron Sam” is well respected by the entire garrison, and leads the greatsword contingent.
Althus Donnagin – The cleric stationed at Balentyne
Mama Giuseppe – The friendly old lady that serves a weekly pot of beef stew to the entire garrison.

Branderscar Prison:

Tomas Blackerly – The sergeant in charge of the guards of Branderscar while the Knot began their journey there.
Mathias Richter – The warden of the prison, who is vastly more concerned with holing himself up in his tower with his penny dreadfuls than he is with actually overseeing this prison.


Path of the Pernicious Wrathsbane