Custom Rules

- Stats are determined by Focus and Folible rules

  • Choose 1 stat for Focus, set this at an 18
  • Choose 1 stat for Folible, set this at 8
  • Roll 1d10+7 for the other 4 stats, reroll any that are below 10
  • Assign stats in any order that you choose

- 2 Extra skills points are awarded for every level to each character

- Max HP for first level, then roll HD, with a minimum of half HD per level

- PCs must be within one step of LE, and must worship Asmodeus if they have a deity, or be content working for Asmodeus if they do not.

- Ultimate Combat’s Retraining is allowed, and encouraged if PC’s have any spare downtime.

Custom Rules

Path of the Pernicious Wrathsbane