Path of the Pernicious

Another Party, Another Group, Another Grave
The defeat of another group of invaders.

We attended the celebration held at the Baron’s house, hobnobbing with the important and wealthy, making connections, and casting aspersions on The White Ravens

All in good fun.

We returned to our happy demonic sanctum, and continued building our strength, when we were yet again attacked by a party of adventurers.
This time, we responded very effectively – perhaps all of this practice is paying off?

We’ll get there. And when we do, the world will suffer.
Asmodeus will prevail.

Damn Treachery...
That's supposed to be our job.

Soooo… I thought we were supposed to be the devious ones…
And yet, we were attacked, infiltrated, sabotaged, and attacked again by a devious fey.
Luckily, our desire to murder outweighed our desire to be murdered!

In other news, I do not trust the white raven…
Not at all.
Her cleric henchman (serial killer) is straight up sketchy – i’m not sure how he got into Asmodeus’s service with such a chaotic M.O.!

In still other news, we may have lost our newest recruit.
To be fair though, if he can’t handle the sights (and sounds) of Grumblejack eating somebody, he’s probably not Black Dawn material.

Oh yeah, in yet still other news, we’ve got a name now.
All fear the Black Dawn!


Sooo, it was a busy week! We:
- Recruited the kingpin of Drownington (and a dozen or so men to boot)
- Stocked up
- Met with our favorite tree, and promptly cut it down
- Spoke with our favorite acolyte, and promptly cut him down
- Had our first invasion, and promptly cut them down
- Spent downtime, and promptly… Nevermind.

Wraiths and Ghosts and Plant Creatures and Oozes

Portentia got “killed” by a giant plant thing. Helestries went to town.
We explored the second floor of the Horn.
We figured out the secret of the Throne (teleportation between floors).
We placed a head back on a statue (which is probably a petrified person).
We nearly had a TPK due to wraiths (and learned a valuable lesson about camping).
We ran away.
We restocked at town and are figuring out how best to remove the heavy burden of wealth and power from the citizens of the town.

Lies to Trees, Death to Boggards
Our initial foray into Vetra-Kali Territory.

- Place Holder -

We killed everyone, and told the trees that we were going to help.
We explored the first floor of the Horn.

Movin' On Up
Finishing off the Castle, and pressing on in our quest

Place Marker—-

We finished everyone off, and got sent to a new place, on the opposite side of the continent.
Find the Plague-y tears, they said.
It’ll be fun, they said.

"Have fun stormin' the castle!"
The defeat of the major players - and the death knells of Balentyne

Fuzzy on the first details of the night…

Helestries went to the castle and destroyed a chain holding a stone slab over the servant’s entrance (and turned some ballistae into doors..
We murdered the dwarves, to a man, then, using their guises, infiltrated the castle once again the next day. Adopting new forms as we killed our way through servants, guards, and acolytes, we finally came to the keep.

Through brilliant deceit, we managed to provoke the wizard What’shisarcana into activating his ice golem servant. Upon killing the wizard, we tricked the Lord Commander What’shisface of the castle, alongside Father What’shisholysymbol into engaging the golem on our behalf – weakening both golem and Commander (Portentia stayed to hold the construct for a few vital moments while the others made the ruse complete – she did not survive. May she rest in peace). The priest fell beneath our knives quickly, and eventually, our greatest foes thus far fell to our might and trickery.

Now we set about cleaning up maneuvers, and inviting the bugbear horde into a castle that is not only undefended, but totally devoid of life. They will likely be disappointed with this, however, their numbers are much more full (and therefore, useful to us) when not one lies dead at the castle gates.

The Journey North
Travel by Ship, Meeting New Friends, and Prep.

We boarded a longboat full of arms and armor to equip our bugbear allies, and headed north under the captainship of what’shisface.

The voyage went smoothly, but for a few small hiccups:
The first was a patrol ship from a castle part of the watchwall – this was dealt with handily by a hearty dose of deception and flattery.
The second was a group led by a triton named what’shisfins, who called for our death (and seemed to know our infernal benefactor… curious) – This was dealt with by strength of arms, though it was likely only due to the captain and crew of our vessel that we triumphed.
The third was a seal hunt that we undertook at the captain’s behest, during which what’sherface single-handedly decimated the seal population. After being humiliated in the hunt, and finding out that we could provide nearly endless clean water, the captain did not stop again for recreational purpose.
The fourth was a tribal trading vessel manned by the what’stheirfaces from the North. They had a tremendous narwhal horn, which their leader had obtained. They offered to trade, and we declined – our mission was too important to be weighed down with goods other than what was necessary.
Our final interruption was a much more fortuitous one – an icy mephit named what’shisfrost (GM calls him Kiliketz, who initially was intent on tormenting us but then agreed to accompany us with the promise of extinguishing the light and heat from the kingdoms further south and expanding his territory.

We arrived around 3 weeks later, pulling up to the dock with the shore covered in bugbear allies. A show of callous disregard and intimidation proved our mettle to them, as we instructed them to butcher the crew and captain of the vessel. After unloading and searching the vessel, we set it ablaze – a reminder of what happens to those who oppose us. The bugbear leader, what’shisaxe (GM calls him Sakkarot Fire-Axe ), seemed to be not only a capable leader and strategist, but also grand company and Grumblejack enjoyed their company and a drinking contest very much. The diplomatic part of our journey ended, we set out soon after on some wild pigs, riding south to the Castle What’sitsbricks (GM calls it Balentyne ).

Upon our arrival, we began to infiltrate the town (GM calls it Aldencross )and resupply ourselves with gear and information to use against the castle. Our planning and work is in earnest, and we will see the Castle ready to fall by an unexpected bugbear invasion.

Tying the Knot
Meeting the Cardinal, and Training

We met with our benefactor, Cardinal Adrastus Thorn, and were equipped for service.

We also found the name of our visitor while in Branderscar, Tiadora

Lastly we met a group of four adventurer types: (Track, Trick, Elise, and Dostan)

After signing a pact, we were then instructed to retrieve a specific necklace in a dungeon complex below the manor. Preparing ourselves, we descended into the depths and saw a series of rooms – each one a puzzle or challenge with a decidedly Asmodean piece of advice on the threshold. These sayings were undoubtedly not only lessons to learn from each room, but ones that will serve us well in our service.

By might and magic, we fought our way through, and at the very end we were confronted by the man instrumental to our imprisonment in the first place: Sir Balin.
The first measure of our vengeance sated, we returned the trinket to the Cardinal and began training in earnest.

Prison Break
The Escape from Branderscar

Captured, branded, left to languish before death.
We had no hope at all, awaiting final judgement at Branderscar Prison, when suddenly a cold but beautiful messenger came to us, gave us a Magic Veil and told us of a mysterious benefactor that was engineering our escape. We were to leave the prison, and head to a house on the edge of town.

We got out of our shackles and room easily enough, but without equipment, we stood little chance against the many guards in the prison. Fortunately, there happened to be an (unusually intelligent) Ogre in a cell next to us, named Grumblejack. With a promise to work together, we killed the two guards in the chamber immediately outside the cell block, and set to escape in earnest.

With the distraction provided by a large swarm of rats taking the larder by force, we made straight for the exit, and by our prowess, pressed past several more guards.

There was the gatehouse, nearly within reach, but the captain of the guard pursued us hotly to the bridge. Once again, Grumblejack proved his worth, flinging the man into the frothing sea, presumably to drown under the weight of his armor.

Finding the first part of our freedom, we opted to avoid the roads of the town and travel through the swamp. While we eluded our pursuers, we came across a massive toad – but we were able to prevail against it. We had succeeded. The house on the edge of town looked run-down, but for us it was the promise of a second chance.

An opportunity we could not refuse…


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