Keltar Dhalmass


White haired, dark skinned, handsome, lithe, acrobatic, and dressed finely in order to look natural in a nobles’s court, Keltar has grace to spare. He has a Wakizashi on each hip hardly noticeable under a fine cloak.

Keltar is well spoken, diplomatic, and an expert in the game of the court. He is an expert of finding information and using it to his advantage. He uses rumors like tools, both in gathering information and planting information to get people to do as he wants. He also uses these skills to find those that are looking for the assistance of an assassin.

His work in the court is simply a way for him to use his true skills as an assassin. Using his court skills to find those that hate each other and are willing to use the services of an assassin, he diplomatically approaches them to engage his services.


Keltar Dhalmass

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