Path of the Pernicious

Tying the Knot

Meeting the Cardinal, and Training

We met with our benefactor, Cardinal Adrastus Thorn, and were equipped for service.

We also found the name of our visitor while in Branderscar, Tiadora

Lastly we met a group of four adventurer types: (Track, Trick, Elise, and Dostan)

After signing a pact, we were then instructed to retrieve a specific necklace in a dungeon complex below the manor. Preparing ourselves, we descended into the depths and saw a series of rooms – each one a puzzle or challenge with a decidedly Asmodean piece of advice on the threshold. These sayings were undoubtedly not only lessons to learn from each room, but ones that will serve us well in our service.

By might and magic, we fought our way through, and at the very end we were confronted by the man instrumental to our imprisonment in the first place: Sir Balin.
The first measure of our vengeance sated, we returned the trinket to the Cardinal and began training in earnest.



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