Path of the Pernicious

The Journey North

Travel by Ship, Meeting New Friends, and Prep.

We boarded a longboat full of arms and armor to equip our bugbear allies, and headed north under the captainship of what’shisface.

The voyage went smoothly, but for a few small hiccups:
The first was a patrol ship from a castle part of the watchwall – this was dealt with handily by a hearty dose of deception and flattery.
The second was a group led by a triton named what’shisfins, who called for our death (and seemed to know our infernal benefactor… curious) – This was dealt with by strength of arms, though it was likely only due to the captain and crew of our vessel that we triumphed.
The third was a seal hunt that we undertook at the captain’s behest, during which what’sherface single-handedly decimated the seal population. After being humiliated in the hunt, and finding out that we could provide nearly endless clean water, the captain did not stop again for recreational purpose.
The fourth was a tribal trading vessel manned by the what’stheirfaces from the North. They had a tremendous narwhal horn, which their leader had obtained. They offered to trade, and we declined – our mission was too important to be weighed down with goods other than what was necessary.
Our final interruption was a much more fortuitous one – an icy mephit named what’shisfrost (GM calls him Kiliketz, who initially was intent on tormenting us but then agreed to accompany us with the promise of extinguishing the light and heat from the kingdoms further south and expanding his territory.

We arrived around 3 weeks later, pulling up to the dock with the shore covered in bugbear allies. A show of callous disregard and intimidation proved our mettle to them, as we instructed them to butcher the crew and captain of the vessel. After unloading and searching the vessel, we set it ablaze – a reminder of what happens to those who oppose us. The bugbear leader, what’shisaxe (GM calls him Sakkarot Fire-Axe ), seemed to be not only a capable leader and strategist, but also grand company and Grumblejack enjoyed their company and a drinking contest very much. The diplomatic part of our journey ended, we set out soon after on some wild pigs, riding south to the Castle What’sitsbricks (GM calls it Balentyne ).

Upon our arrival, we began to infiltrate the town (GM calls it Aldencross )and resupply ourselves with gear and information to use against the castle. Our planning and work is in earnest, and we will see the Castle ready to fall by an unexpected bugbear invasion.



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