Path of the Pernicious

Prison Break

The Escape from Branderscar

Captured, branded, left to languish before death.
We had no hope at all, awaiting final judgement at Branderscar Prison, when suddenly a cold but beautiful messenger came to us, gave us a Magic Veil and told us of a mysterious benefactor that was engineering our escape. We were to leave the prison, and head to a house on the edge of town.

We got out of our shackles and room easily enough, but without equipment, we stood little chance against the many guards in the prison. Fortunately, there happened to be an (unusually intelligent) Ogre in a cell next to us, named Grumblejack. With a promise to work together, we killed the two guards in the chamber immediately outside the cell block, and set to escape in earnest.

With the distraction provided by a large swarm of rats taking the larder by force, we made straight for the exit, and by our prowess, pressed past several more guards.

There was the gatehouse, nearly within reach, but the captain of the guard pursued us hotly to the bridge. Once again, Grumblejack proved his worth, flinging the man into the frothing sea, presumably to drown under the weight of his armor.

Finding the first part of our freedom, we opted to avoid the roads of the town and travel through the swamp. While we eluded our pursuers, we came across a massive toad – but we were able to prevail against it. We had succeeded. The house on the edge of town looked run-down, but for us it was the promise of a second chance.

An opportunity we could not refuse…



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