Path of the Pernicious

"Have fun stormin' the castle!"

The defeat of the major players - and the death knells of Balentyne

Fuzzy on the first details of the night…

Helestries went to the castle and destroyed a chain holding a stone slab over the servant’s entrance (and turned some ballistae into doors..
We murdered the dwarves, to a man, then, using their guises, infiltrated the castle once again the next day. Adopting new forms as we killed our way through servants, guards, and acolytes, we finally came to the keep.

Through brilliant deceit, we managed to provoke the wizard What’shisarcana into activating his ice golem servant. Upon killing the wizard, we tricked the Lord Commander What’shisface of the castle, alongside Father What’shisholysymbol into engaging the golem on our behalf – weakening both golem and Commander (Portentia stayed to hold the construct for a few vital moments while the others made the ruse complete – she did not survive. May she rest in peace). The priest fell beneath our knives quickly, and eventually, our greatest foes thus far fell to our might and trickery.

Now we set about cleaning up maneuvers, and inviting the bugbear horde into a castle that is not only undefended, but totally devoid of life. They will likely be disappointed with this, however, their numbers are much more full (and therefore, useful to us) when not one lies dead at the castle gates.



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