Path of the Pernicious

Damn Treachery...

That's supposed to be our job.

Soooo… I thought we were supposed to be the devious ones…
And yet, we were attacked, infiltrated, sabotaged, and attacked again by a devious fey.
Luckily, our desire to murder outweighed our desire to be murdered!

In other news, I do not trust the white raven…
Not at all.
Her cleric henchman (serial killer) is straight up sketchy – i’m not sure how he got into Asmodeus’s service with such a chaotic M.O.!

In still other news, we may have lost our newest recruit.
To be fair though, if he can’t handle the sights (and sounds) of Grumblejack eating somebody, he’s probably not Black Dawn material.

Oh yeah, in yet still other news, we’ve got a name now.
All fear the Black Dawn!



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